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Objects are identified differently

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Objects are identified differently

Hi All


I have this situation that Test complete identify the same objects differently from time to time. Can anyone let me know the possible cuase for this? Below is full Name of the object and note how ".WinFormsObject" has  identified differently


Can someone help me pls


Sys.Process("ClinicalAudit4", 2).WinFormsObject("MainForm").WinFormsObject("panelBody").WinFormsObject("panelContent").

WinFormsObject("splitContainer1").WinFormsObject("SplitterPanel", "", 2)




WinFormsObject("splitContainer1").WinFormsObject("SplitterPanel", "")

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Your initial process (ClinicalAudit4) has identified differently as well.


That and your final WinFormsObject are both showing with an index of 2 in the top object string.


Which would suggest that:


a) There are two versions of ClinicalAudit4 running. (One may be in the background, it may be a separate, but very similar, process and it's mixing the two up. This happened to me before when the main process kicked off an automatic overnight upload job, TestComplete saw it as two incidences of the same process even though they weren't)


b) Something about the final WinFormsObject caused it not to be recognised so it created the second one with the index 2.

Thanks Colin, I

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