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Object Finder

I've been using the Object Finder (okay the Display Object Properties Window) to find the different objects on my web page in IE8, and place them into my scripts. I've been doing this for about a month with no problems. However, this week, it seems that every object I find is not in the right place. Let's say I'm going for a link on a website. I go to select that link, but TestComplete doesn't find anything there. Instead, it's finding the object slightly down and to the right. If I use that same information for the scripting I'm writing though, it doesn't work because it apparently believes they are different things. The down and to the right is consistent with EVERY item on the page. It even does it on other pages like Google, although it doesn't do these things on Firefox. Sadly, I have to use IE. Was this caused by an update to IE? Is there anyhting I can do to get the old, functioning version of the Object Finder back?

Thank you for any guidance you can give!

Hi Katrina,

We tried to reproduce the issue with IE8 and Windows XP Pro SP3, but everything worked fine. What OS is installed on your machine? Can you send us detailed information about your system? Run msinfo32 (Start | Run...), save the information it provides to an *.NFO file (File | Save...) and send it to us by using the following web form:

Also, send us a screenshot of the "Compatibility View Settings" window (Tools | Compatibility View Settings) and tell us what zoom level is set in your browser (you can find this option in the bottom right corner). In case the zoom level option differs from 100%, try setting it to 100% and let us know whether the problem persists.

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The zoom fixed it. Thanks!
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