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Nestled KeyWord Tests

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Nestled KeyWord Tests

Is it possible to nest keyword tests within another keyword test and have the images for the nested KeyWord tests not show up on the final report? In this screenshot you will notice that I have the KeyWord tests ‘Add_Signal_Types_1102’ and ‘Login’ under ‘Table_11_2_Calibration_Points_A’. Is it possible for Keyword Test ‘Add_Signal_Types_1102’ and ‘Login’, which are nested, not to capture images on the final report when I run  Keyword Test ‘Table_11_2_Calibration_Points_A' ? Might there be another solution to this problem?


KeyWord Test Nestled KeyWord Tests.png


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I am not sure this is possible.

But you may either wait for the reply from someone from Smartbear or create a Support ticket via the form.


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If you are talking about Test Visualizer images, then you can turn the images off before those three tests are called and then turn them back on again afterwards.




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