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Nead to write utf8 Without BOM

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Nead to write utf8 Without BOM



I need to read / Write into a textfile on utf-8 but without bom. Actually, if a use Writetotextfile with textencodingType 22 or aqfile.ctUTF8, my file have a BOM... when my application read this BOM... it BOOOOOM.


it is possible to read/write without this Bom ?





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Rather than using the aqFile.OpenTextFile, etc., you could instantiate the FileSystemObject yourself an use it's native functions (aqFile and aqFileSystem provide wrappers around those methods). 

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Hi Fabrice,


Both aqFile* and Scripting.FileSystemObject write UTF-8 files with BOM.


To write a file without BOM, you can use this workaround that involves two ADO Stream objects:

The example is in VBScript, but the code can be ported to other languages.


Another way is to use the .NET method System.IO.File.WriteAllText(), which by default uses UTF-8 encoding without BOM. You will need to add the System.IO assembly to project properties > CLR Bridge.

dotNET.System_IO.File.WriteAllText("C:\\no_bom.txt", "привет");

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Hi all,


Thanks for your responses...


dotNET.System_IO.File.WriteAllText("C:\\no_bom.txt", "привет");

It works fine, thanks again



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