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Navigate method is opening new Chrome tab rather than switch to different URL

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Navigate method is opening new Chrome tab rather than switch to different URL

Installed TC v14.91 this morning and now all my Navigate calls to change the page URL to a different page are now loading a new Chrome tab and breaking the test.

This did not happen in all previous versions.

I've got a basic Specflow method that handles the page navigation.

Can someone please explain what has changed in TC v14.91 that causes Navigate to not work properly?




When("I navigate to webPage {arg}", function (menu){
  temp = Project.Variables.Url+menu;
  Log.Checkpoint("Navigated to page: "+menu)





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I suggest that you contact Support directly with this question.  Here's the link:

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I've switch it to use .ToUrl() with usages of Sys.Browser("chrome") rather than Sys.Process("chrome") and we're OK now.

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