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4 years ago

UI tests navigate pages only if RDP connection is opened

Hi all,


I've got a general issue on the execution of my Test Complete UI tests on the release machine, within an Azure DevOps release pipeline.

The UI tests are correctly working only if I run the release with an opened RDP from my PC.

So, actually, I can run them with success only if I'm viewing real-time the test execution within an RDP (I see that the browser page is opened.. the clicks are done.. and so on.. and test is passed).


If I close my RDP and run the release, all UI tests fail with an error like this:

"Unable to navigate to the <xxx> page". Moreover, the picture attached to the Test Complete log is empty.

It seems that it cannot open the browser if I'm not connected via RDP.


The release machine is a physical machine in lab, without a monitor.


What can I do to have UI tests correctly running without the need to keep an RDP opened?





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  •  is the azure devops agent located on that release machine configured with auto logon that has admin credentials?

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    Thank you both for your suggestions, hkim5 and tphillips !

    I had configured the agent with autologin and interactive mode in the past, but I've started to check it following your suggestions.

    I've discovered lot of issues into release machine. Some new agents where added by colleagues and the result was that there were more then one agent running, so there was a completely wrong agent configuration on place!

    Now, with only one agent running (the good one), it works!