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Namemapping nightmare


Namemapping nightmare


I am new to Testcomplete and having trouble with namemapping. I am using Testcomplete to test a WPF based application. The issue is that UI on the application keeps changing, and each time I have to update the namemapp as well as the tests that use onscreen actions. This is a nightmare as it takes a lot of time, and most of my time is spend on updating namemapping and the tests.

1) Namemap is like a tree, so if something is added near the root then I need to remapp all the child nodes even when they did not change. There is no mechanism to copy paste the nodes or to insert a node in between the tree. Is there a workaround or feature to do this easily?

2) Also, even after updating the namemapping I need to update the refereneces in the tests and onscreen actions. Is there a better way to do it?

Is there a better alternative to namemapping or a better way to handle this scenario?

Thanks for your reply and that does sound like a good approach.. Can you by chance elaborte a bit, as I understand the concept but would like to understand specifically how to achieve an example of this in TC.  Thanks again. 

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