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Namemapping Custom attributes no longer detected by spy/existing mappings not found during test

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Namemapping Custom attributes no longer detected by spy/existing mappings not found during test

Hi everyone,


need a bit of help with an issue. I have a custom attribute added under the project properties (Current and Default) to allow it to be added as a namemapping criteria . This has worked fine until today.

Went to run test this morning and have discovered that objects previously mapped using the custom attributes are no longer detecteable during the test run and also if I use the object spy to view the object properties the custom attribute is no longer displayed.


I usually had to navigate up the object tree to a parent element to find the custom attribute but it was always detectable. I have used the inspector tool in 2 browsers (Chrome and Firefox) and the custom attribute does exist on the objects in questions i.e. there has been no change in the tested application that removed the attribute.


The only recent change to the keyword test that I made was to add a browser loop to the keyword test. I don't see how that could casue the issue, given that the custom attribute no longer appears when I use the object spy to examine the object on the web page.


Any ideas???Smiley Frustrated


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I would vote for either browser or OS update.

Check if some update for the browser exists on SmartBear site (


P.S. Have you tried to reboot? 😉


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HI @AlexKaras I applied the Patch and rebooted, seems to have solved the issue.


Thanks Smiley Very Happy

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