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NameMapping usually disapper...

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NameMapping usually disapper...

Helloww, When I make the keywordtest or.. after that.. 

My project's NameMapping usually disapper.. So I'm very embarrassed. 

Waht is the Name Mapping 'Merge with'? and what is the NameMapping 'save as'   ? 

Maybe In my opinion.. when I click the Name Mapping 'Merge with' or 'save as' they disappear. 



Thank you 

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"Merge with" is a feature that lets you combine two name mapping files.  

"Save as" is just what it says it is.  You are saving a copy of the file under a different name.


Neither of these functions are something you would need to do frequently.  What are you trying to accomplish?


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The Purpose is ..



(1) I wanna share my automation test ( Project suite, Project or Keywordtest) with my coworkers. So I ziped that Project folder.

(2) I wanna play on the Server(window server 2016). So, I zip my Projectsuit folder and opened at server. 


2. Use same Keywordtest in each Project. 


Hi @yoorahn - 


The NameMapping file should not disappear unless you click the remove option from the dropdown. 


1. This document provides information on how to properly zip a file to share with others:

2. To use keyword tests in other projects as discussed in the previous posts it would be required to merge the namemapping - here is some additional information on how to merge NameMapping files:



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Marsha, Emma - thanks a lot!


Hi @yoorahn. Please let us know if the advice helped you solve the issue! 

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