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NameMapping additions are disappearing and dialog indicates I have unsaved changes

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NameMapping additions are disappearing and dialog indicates I have unsaved changes

The attached video shows

  • Me adding an entry to NameMapping.
  • Clicking SAVE.
  • Exiting TC. 
  • Opening TC.
  • Getting a dialog about unsave changes.
  • Observing mapping I created has disappeared.

Has anyone experienced this before?

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Yes!  It seems to be gone now though.  What version of TC do you have?

14.20.2175.7 x64

That's what I have too but maybe I just got lucky.  I was seeing it a month or so ago.  I'm also working in a different project now so that's probably where my "luck" came in.  I was going to contact Support about it, so that's what I'd suggest for you.



I deleted the file whose file extension indicated it was the supposed saved NameMapping data. Maybe works. I am awaiting a repeat of the symptom (or lack thereof) before determining if that is the "solution".

What I think I am seeing is this flow:

Something causes a name mapping unchanged stuff file (I wish I had noted the name and extension, but I did not).

You open TC and are prompted if you want to recover.

You say yes. <--- At this point the file should be removed. It is not. So you are forever in a weird Name Mapping state,

Not exactly scientific, but this is what I think I have observed. This strikes me as a defect.


That would match what I saw too. 

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Few days ago i had the same problem. I resolved it by deleting the "unsaved changes" name mapping file from directory:




Did you try to delete it before open TC?

I did discover this solution myself also. Yes. All is well now. 

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