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Name mapping


Name mapping

I have two variables that are in the same area in a dashboard and when I look at their name mapping they both get the exact same name mapping exept that one is QtIndex 1 and the other is QtIndex 2. How can I say give me the data for the individual indexes? Whenever I use text or QtText it only ever gives me the value for one of the variables. I am using Javascript. 


I want to do something like but this doesn't work


var1 = someNameMapping

var2 = exact same name mapping as var1






So what I had to do was go into namemapping and create a spicific Alias name mapping for that object 

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Yup.  You need to make sure you uniquely identify the objects.  What it sounds like is that your mapping for the first object may not be specific enough.  That's why both were being seen as the same one.

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