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Mobile testing and capturing traffic

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Mobile testing and capturing traffic

Dear all,


I need help 😉 At the time of this message, I test a mobile app manually and with Fiddler I inspect resquest/response from my app. Sometimes I have to change de body of the request/response to observe the consequence on the app (with Fiddler). 


But I need to know if this process is possible with Testcomplete or an other product of the Smartbear collection ? This is what I need in a simple words : 

- Launch tested app and capture all the https traffic

- the captured traffic need to be inspect and compare to a reference. 

- I need to have some https resquest/response body changed to inject them when the app start.

- And obviously, the most automatic way possible.


Thanks to everyone who will read me and help me.



It sounds like you are looking to test the service requests and validate the responses based on your baseline or reference. 


ReadyAPI Test is dedicated to testing the service request of your application and you can easily validate responses.


You can also further the scope into Performance testing using ReadyAPI performance but if its just functional testing then ReadyAPI Test will suffice.


ReadyApi integrates into TestComplete or you could build your API tests and keep them seperate to UI tests in TC. 


Check it out



Thank you very much for your great responsiveness! I will watch this and I will keep you posted

Dear Vinniew,
This morning I realize that "test service request and validate the response based on a baseline/reference" in your message is not the only thing I need ^^'


I would like to launch my mobile app automatically on the device with Testcomplete and, in parallel, capture the mobile traffic with proxy. During all the automatic tasks with TestComplete on the device, the proxy (like fiddler or mitmproxy), could change some parameters and testcomplete will wait until "something" happened (good or bad ^^)


Exemple : 

0. Prepare response body or baseline/reference before the test begin.

1. Testcomplete lauch the app

1.1 With the opening of the app, proxy capture the mobile traffic and compare with a reference all the request/response which the device emit. If it's ok the test continue. In some case, I need to modify some parameters from the response to see how the app react (before the launching or during the app is active).

2. Automatics steps on the device with Testcomplete 

2.1 The proxy capture and analyze traffic and if it's not coherent, stop the test.


Hope all is clear 

(english is not ma mother tongue)


Thanks for your help


Hi Thomas, 


Yes its clear. 


My understanding from the OP was that you were manually doing this by picking up a device using fiddler to provide you with the response information, then comparing it manually to your baseline/reference. 


Essentially you are manually ensuring the response information and validating it against that baseline


If the end goal is to test the service request would it not make sense to focus on this and test the api service using a dedicated tool like Soap UI/Ready API. 


The key element here is that were reducing the manual process you are currently using, In RAPI we can parametrize API tests, Data Drive API tests and validate responses. We can also build up tests quite easily and look at automation in our API tests


You can still test the UI component of your APP in TC and automate functional UI tests in TC. 


And then if you want you could run those API tests in a tool like TC were it makes sense in your TC flow. 



Hi Thomas,


I am not an expert with Fiddler, but it seems to me that it is possible to set it up (using Fiddler Script or AutoResponder) to modify request/response data on the fly.

Another idea is to consider ServiceV -- one more component of ReadyAPI -- which definitely seems to be able to do what you are talking about.


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