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Missing Jenkins Plugin Versions?


Missing Jenkins Plugin Versions?

Hi all,


While doing some Jenkins maintanence today, our team noticed that the TestComplete plugin had an update. When I tried to find what the difference was between our current version (1.11) and the new one (2.0), I could not find our current version on the Jenkins Wiki. I also couldn't find anything with a quick search on here.


Does anyone happen to know what that version, and the one before it (1.10), which is also not on the wiki, had in it? Or when they were released?

I don't want to update just to update, but I'm also a bit nervous about being on a version I can't find a reference to existing.

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Your version looks pretty old.  The list probably only references a few older versions and not everything.


Best bet is to contact Support directly:

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You can see version history in this link

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Talking to TestComplete support, it looks like the two versions are maintenance releases and were found here:


The releases were there for screen resolution changes, nothing else, and were the latest two releases prior to 2.0.

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