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Merging non-version dependent files from 12 to 14

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Merging non-version dependent files from 12 to 14

We are currently still running TestComplete 12 on our machines and are working on getting 14 ready to go. With upgrading to small builds, there wasn't many problems but we are wondering if we will encounter any issues when going to 14 as far as merging our code. Can we merge non-version dependent files from our prod TC12 to the new TC14 branch. 


Sorry if this doesn't make sense. Let me know if further clarification is needed.



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The only version-independent native files in TestComplete project are script unit ones (well, also external files added to Stores) and they can be used across projects targeted to different versions of TestComplete. All other files are version-dependent and must not be mixed.


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I would check out a whole copy of TC12 project, then convert it and check that in to TC14.   Don't try to piecemeal it.  If it blows up, you'll spend more time fixing it than it's worth.  

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