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Mapped Object Search


Mapped Object Search

How difficult would it be to implement a feature where one could select an object in the Name Mapping list and search across the current project for instances of it? Go to all the Keyword Tests (and possibly functions?) where that object is invoked?


Or is there a way to do this already and I'm woefully unfamiliar with TC's capabilities?

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Currently there is no easy way out

that is why this request is being most populer request

Personally, I tend to avoid issues like this by using the Alias map.


In my eyes, thats what it's for.


Create a subset of Aliases (the important bits that you actually interact with). Use those in tests. The full name map remains the full name map.


Then, if something breaks or changes, update the name map, ensure the that Alias object retains the same naming convention (which is possible 98% of the time in my experience) and the tests will continue to work.


Maintain the name map. Use the Alias map to take the pain out maintaining the link between name map and tests.


That said, a global find replace would still be handy.

Agree with  we also followed same approched. mapped all objects and create subset in Aliases. Which is helpfull for us to mantain Objects and scripts.


Here TC should give us any machanism which should update object details in Script, If we update in namemap. (Auto script updation if object details update in name map)

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