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Map object from screen

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Map object from screen

I try to map objects in main menu from screen, but the objects inside the main menu is not able to highlight, only the main menu can be highlighted.


Then, I go to the Object Browser, I can see the ChildCount of the Main menu is 0, but there are menu items in the main menu, why the ChildCount is 0? How to map those menu items?


Can someone tell me How I can map those menu items here? Thanks in advance!

Linda Zhong
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Hi Linda,


Does your toolbar have the "wItems" property? Should be in the Extended group whilst in Advanced View.





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Please refer to this articles:

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I was looking at the toolstrip, not the menu bar ....

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Hi jpnjordan,


I check the Advanced view, there is no wItems property.

Linda Zhong
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Hi baxatob


Thanks for the link.

Yes, I can select the menu items by simulating the keyboard shortcut. But for some icons that has no keyboard shortcut, I still can't map them, like the icons inside the highlight object in below picture.


Linda Zhong

Suspect thats a small tool strip. Different type of control.


I have to work by captions with those. But that's in Delphi ....

For something like the icons, we found that there were no text or labels for the buttons, just an index number.

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