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Make Test Execute ignore windows update popup (desktop testing)

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Make Test Execute ignore windows update popup (desktop testing)

Good day guys,


Is there a way test execute could ignore any windows update popup while testing a desktop application on windows?


Current issue:

1- AWS gets few updates from a server when they are available (server policy needs to stay on)

2- While TE is running and that pop up shows up, my automation fails due to overlapping window. 


Thank you



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If the Project Options | Project | Playback -> Ignore overlapping window option does not work and this window is the only one that causes the problem, you may consider to implement the OnOverlappingWindow event handler and close/move out of view AWS notification window if it appears.


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Let me try that. 


The issue with the win updates window (blue one) is that it blocks everything else and you cannot choose click on anything until you click "View Updates".

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Generally there is an option to Delay the Windows update for the particular time duration.

On Test machine generally it is expected to avoid such windows update on daily basis and I hope it is not too frequent from Microsoft as well.


Testcomplete gives an option to Press Enter, Esc and send Close Command on Unexpected window and ignore overlapping and unexpected windows. (Just give them a try but I don't think it will work , we cannot even object spy to windows update blue screen as all application is disabled)


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