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List index out of bounds (0)

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List index out of bounds (0)

We are using Testcomplete 12.6 . Get the error while writing the script.

list index out of bound exception index:63


attached the testcomplete error log.



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After that testcomplete software hangs. Nothing works. 



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Yes, this seldom happens from time to time.

I prefer to restart TC after I see such message. (In all cases that I had, TC remained responsive for some time, so it was possible to close all and restart it.)


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Yes, is this is happening in 12.6 only.

I have never seen this problem 12.5 Had been using 12.5 for 6 months.




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Sounds like something to take up directly with support.  Contact them directly because if it's a problem with TC itself, they are going to be your best resource.

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