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Currently we are planning use 10 users for test complete tool
One float license is enough for all 10 users
Any other options please let me know we are planning to buy the license as soon as possible
We are using test complete trail version it’s looks good for our application


1 Floating could be enough for your team. It gives your full team access to the tool, but just one user at a time. Also depending on your architecture, when running a pipeline job (like from a CI tool), when you run a test it also consumes a license. So you could not build or run tests when your CI license is executing. 

If 1  floating license is enough for building test with your 10 team members that is good. If you are wondering about building tests while you are running a pipeline suite, I would recommend looking into another TestComplete license, or we have an execution, pipeline license, called TestExecute, that is designed for pipeline execution. 

TestExecute is not required, but I bring it up for pipeline licenses. 


Thanks Matt

@Naresh8086 fyi you can use TestExecute anywhere you need a command line version of TC, not just in pipelines.  In case that's a selling point for management.  😉

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