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License Manager v.11 backward compatible?

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License Manager v.11 backward compatible?



I want to evaluate the new version of TC11 and noticed, that it will not find licenses hosted on License Managers of earlier versions.


Now we don't want to migrate all of our TC10 installations at once and we cannot split our licenses, meaning we can't just take a single license and activate it on a separate installation of a new License Manager 11, so the question is:


If we upgrade our current License Manager to version 11, will our older TestComplete 10 (and TestExecute 10) installations still work?




The license service on your client machine will see all the licenses available to it but TestComplete 11 needs a TestComplete 11 license.  Make sure that you activate your TestComplete 11 and TestExecute 11 licenses on your License Manager machine.

Thanks for your quick response. I am however still unsure.


Do we need new licenses (our technical department usuallly takes care of our customer account for getting new software versions, so I have little details about that) or do you meen that our licenses have to be activated with the new License Manager?


Other than that I still  need to know if TestComplete 10 will work with the new License Manager 11 (and/or TC11-Licenses), because we really need to keep the TC10-installations running until the new version has been properly tested.








The new version 11 evalation license keys are already in your account (corresponding to those version 10 licenses that were under maintenance at the time version 11 came out).  They are there to aid in your migration from version 10 to version 11.  It is expected that you will activate them, evaluate whether TestComplete 11 is suitable, and then deactivate either the version 10 or version 11 licenses depending on which version you want to stay with.


So... you already have the keys in your account and you need to activate the version 11 licenses in order to use version 11.  You can use any version License Manager to serve any version of licenses.  If you want, you can use the same machine to serve both your version 10 and version 11 licenses.

Thanks for the clarification; that was helpful.



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