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Keyword Test for different version of Software

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Keyword Test for different version of Software

I'm using TestComplete7.52 to test our Tool for 3 different version of the Rootsoftware.

But! If a create a Keywordtest for Rootsoftware vision 1.0

the Items look like : wndDOORSWindow

for Rootsoftware version 2.0 the Items look like : wndDOORSWindow2

and for Rootsoftware version 3.0 like : wndDOORsWindow3

Is there a ways to use just one keywordtest for all Rootsoftwareversion?

The Test of our Tool is always the same,but TestComplete differenzes between the Windows of the different Rootsoftwareversion.

Hi Christopher,

The wndDOORSWindow object seems to have a property whose value differs a bit from one version of your application to another. So, for this mapped object, you need to edit the value of that property by replacing its variable part with the * character.

For example, it could be the WndCaption property containing the DOORSWin* value. As an alternative, you can even remove the unreliable property from your Name Mapping scheme and use some more reliable properties to identify the object (see the "Modifying Mapping Criteria" help topic ( ) for more information).

Let me know if you need anymore assistance.

Best regards,

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Thanks for Help 🙂 Now it worls fine 🙂
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