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Issues with text = <variablename> in test.


Issues with text = <variablename> in test.

I'm having an issue where if I use Tesobj.Text = <some variable from csv> it doesn't puts an incorrect value in the box. By incorrect value, I mean a value that's in a completely different csv. 


The only way I can get my tests to work is if I use Keys.


Anyone else run into this?

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That's not exactly the recommended way of populating a text box.  Rather than "Keys" try "SetText".  However, it's odd that it's grabbing a value from a completely different CSV... could you give your code in context so we can see what's going on?  It would be easier to debug if we saw more of what's happening.

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For some reason, I don't have SetText as an option. Only .Text. We're using Delphi, which some of the components are custom if that matters.


Keys is working so I'll stick with that.


I'd post my code, but there's a few different things going on elsewhere. I'm going to have to troubleshoot that later.

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