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Issue with WaitWPFObject syntax

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Issue with WaitWPFObject syntax



I'm trying to check if an object exists. I unfortuently keep getting a False when I know its present. Here is the code I'm attempting to use:


wpf = 'WPFObject("DataGridRow", "", ' + str(z) + ')'
obj = dataGrid.WaitWPFObject(wpf,1000)
if obj.Exists is True:

    #what I'd like to do because it should be true



I've confirmed dataGrid is accurate and the z is a loop variable. It fails at 1. In debug mode I confirmed that wpf becomes 'WPFObject("DataGridRow", "", 1)' and the object name is WPFObject("DataGridRow", "", 1) according to object spy. It looks like it's trying to add backslashes in the name.

Am I making a mistake with the syntax here? The language is python.


Thank you,



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I don't know python, but I'll give it a try


wpf looks like an object but because there are quotes around it, I would say it's a string


see if this works for you

obj = dataGrid.WaitWPFObject(eval(wpf),1000)


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Thank you Marsha!


@kflood does this work?

Sonya Mihaljova
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Hi Marsha, I was hoping for a functional test, but I appreciate the input. I'm thinking I'll use the properties of the button to click the button within the coordinates of the parent. Easier said than done, but I'm hoping I can do a functional test without an error or warning. The verification step will be that a window does not pop up after this click. I'll let you all know how it goes.

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Sorry, this was a response to the wrong post...

Hey @kflood - 


Did Marsha's above response help? If not id be happy to take a second look. 


Let me know.



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