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Is there any Application level Nationalization mechanism in Testcomplete?

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Is there any Application level Nationalization mechanism in Testcomplete?

>>What we are doing?

We have some set of project suite automated for one application which is created for German enviroment(Market)  now our application soon will be launched in another langunage for e.g Czech.

>> Following are the problems we facing:

1.While scripting we have hard coded some menu items, form tiltles,button names,tree node name etc. Script generated on click of menu item Berichte is


Now this is generated for German enviroment But for Czech enviroment menu item Berichte does not exists so this script and other dependent script are failing.

>>Solutions i forsee are

1)Create and maintain separate codebase for each nationalization it means for 5 languages we will have to create 5 code base.

2)Ideally all the scripts should be object based,So convert all script to object based from hard coded.This is not possible due to time restriction.



As per my knowledge for such kind of situations Visual studio has in built mapping files known as resx files so that we can map them according to logged in nationalization using some config files.Does testcomplete provide any similar mechanism? Are there any another ideas? 



RE: Is there any Application level Nationalization mechanism in Testcomplete?

Hi Swapnil,

You can use Name Mapping to map the objects within your application by using properties that do not contain local characters. So, your tests that use such a NameMapping scheme become language-independent. 

Another way to resolve the issue is to store the changing values in the local variables and use the variables in your NameMapping scheme. In this case, you can set the values of the variables in dependence of the application's language.  

Please see the "Name Mapping", "Project and Project Suite Variables" and "Specifying Identification Property Values" help topics for details.  

Dmitry Nikolaev

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