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Is there a way to not save break points?


Is there a way to not save break points?

This is driving me nuts because I keep forgetting to remove a break point then when the script gets automatically ran it stops at the break.  I never want break points to be saved in my script, never. Is there a way to turn off this functionality, at least between sessions of test complete?


There's no way to do this. I suggest that you just check the Breakpoints panel before running your test and disable all of them there. Or just disable script debugging (Debug | Enable Debugging) when you want to execute your test and you know that you won't need breakpoints.

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For that matter, if you have automatically scheduled runs of your automation, you can utilize TestExecute to run those.  TestExecute does not stop at breakpoints.  TestExecute is included in the Enterprise edition of TestComplete and it is purchasable seperately.  No, I'm not on the staff of AQA, but this utility is immensely helpful for our automated runs, rather than having to utilize the full TestComplete application.

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