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Is there a way to list export the current Name Mapping?

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Is there a way to list export the current Name Mapping?

I am working with a web project I have taken over from someone who is no longer with the company. The Name Mapping is in need of some TLC. We have hundreds of mapped items from dozens of different pages. There are items from the same page that are mapped with their auto mapped names, items that are manually mapped, items that are mapped but showing under other pages, etc. These items are all over the tree. Is there a way to export/list the Name Mapping items and their Criteria and Values in such a manner that it can be printed out or browsed through in Excel or something similar so we can audit whats what without having to load up every single page and then browse the name mapping items in TC?



 - Aerlock

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The name mapping file is nothing more than xml. Just edit open with a text editor, or look online for a good xml viewer / reader.


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