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Integration with Azure DevOps failed

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Integration with Azure DevOps failed



I get the following error when I try to connect to Azure DevOps in order to get test case ids.


Update your browser

Your browser is not supported or up-to-date. Try updating it, or else download and install the latest version of Microsoft Edge.

You could also try to access from another device.



 I am using TestComplete Version: 15.30.355.7 x64

on Windows Server 2019 machine

I guess the pop-up window uses Internet Explorer.

I installed MS Edge, and set it as default browser, also uninstalled Internet Explorer but it did not help
This message appears after I successfully authenticate with username and password.


Is there any way in TestComplete to configure to use another browser to authenticate to Azure DevOps, not Internet Explorer?


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Your suggestion is related to test execution. I do not have issues there.
My problem is with authentication through TestComplete for reference of tests in TestComplete to test cases in Azure DevOps

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Have you tried accessing that URL from the web browser and logging in?

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The latest version of Edge is not supported yet (only up to v103 in Edge and Chrome, see [here]). Try downgrading to v103. I would also recommend reviewing the "Link Test Cases to Azure" guide to see if you've met all the requirements.

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We found the root of the problem. It was that someone removed some permissions for my account.

Thanks for your suggestions 🙂

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I am also facing the similar issues while cloning. Can you please let me know that what permissions are needed to resolve the issue?



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