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Initialization script extension

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Initialization script extension

I am reading the help on creating script extensions.... but I don't "get it". I have a handful of extensions that I am considering. But I want to get my hands dirty writing one before I decide the merit. Does anyone have reference to a simple tutorial for pretty much any extension? It is likely easier than I am getting right now, because I clearly remember doing in in the past.

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There is a lot of good information in the documentation:


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I had given a quick tutorial at the last Connect conference up in Boston....and there was a brief recap of it done after the fact.  @TanyaYatskovska ... do you have any available links to those videos?

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Robert, if the session was recorded, it should be here:


Carson, thanks for the link to the tutorial. It's great indeed. @vthomeschoolmom, I suggest that you go through it. Also, you can find some examples in the TestComplete installation folder. In my case, here:

C:\Program Files (x86)\SmartBear\TestComplete 14\Bin\Extensions\ScriptExtensions\

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Thank you all!

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