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Infragistic controls

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Infragistic controls

Hi All, I am automating tests for an application which use Infragistic controls. I am fighting with those controls to get access of the items they got but failed. so I am now here to get some help from you guys.

Major problem is , how to get access  of items of  "UltraToolbarsDockArea ", Is it possible for anyone  to send me a piece of code whcih I can customize as per my requirement or send me the link of a help.

My major controls are as followed.




Thanks in advance


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Can Anybody help. My Code is

For i = 1 To TotalToolBars


Log.Message "Clicking on the ToolBar = " & i


For j = 1 To ToolsCount


ToolsCount= MainToolBar.ToolbarsManager.Toolbars.Item(i).Tools.Count

Log.Message ToolsCount

Tools = MainToolBar.ToolbarsManager.Toolbars.Item(i).Tools.Item(j)

here Testcomplete gives error that Object Does not support this Property of Method : 'Tools'


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Hello Syed,

Please ensure that TestComplete supports your versions of Infragistics controls). If they are supported, use properties and methods provided by TestComplete (e.g. wItems) to access the controls' internals.


I am getting the popular object not found while executing the tests.

The difference is I get two objects which have this signature WPFObject("_b30e3760724a476c863a70183bd1b89d").

when I try running his test the number changes dynamically and hence the obkject could not be found.


Could you please help out.


This object is an infragistics content pane control and i have the extension in the project which is enabled.


thanks in advance.

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Hi Guys.


I had few methods for infragistic control. this may help you .



1objName.menuStrip1.Items.CountGet The Menu Count
2objName.menuStrip1.Items.Item_2(i).PerformClickClick on Menus (based on Index)
3objName.Rows.Item(0).Cells.Item(4).ClickClick on Specific cell (Table Grid)
4objName.Rows.Item(0).Cells.Item(2).get_TextGet data from specific cell(Table Grid)
5objName.Rows.VisibleRowCountGet The row count from Table Grid
6objName.ActivateMaking window activated
7objName.BringToFrantBring Object window at Frant
8MainForm.UltraMainMenu.Click(MenuStr)MenuStr = File|New or Format|View|Edit
9objName.Item(0).Columns.Item(i).Header.Captionget column header name
10menuStrip1.Items.Item_2(intIconIndex).ToolTipTextTool Tips - from icons
11gridTrades.GetToolTipText(objCell)Tool Tips - from specific cell
12objFinalListName.set_SelectedIndex(i)Select value from Drop down
13ultraTabControl1.CloseTab(1)Closing Tab (based on index)
14objName.Rows.Item(i).cells.Item(7).set_Value("abc")Set Text into Textbox (Specific Cell)
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what do you mean by object name in the methods?? What if TestComplete is not at all recognizing the things as objects??

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This is a two year old topic and it might not relate directly to your problem.  Could you give some specifics as to what issue you're dealing with?

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