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In TestComplete ,The object properties changes adhoc. See details below

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In TestComplete ,The object properties changes adhoc. See details below

Details of the Application

Desktop Application, objects are identified as Winforms object. Few objects are not identified in testcomplete. So We are using Open Application. Please find the below settings that are used. but the object browser changes frequently. Even it changes Winform Objects.


In Current Project Properties,

General - Native TextObjects on Top, Native MSAA in last but one, NativeUIA is at the bottom

MSAA - * (For All Objects)

UI Automation - * (For All objects)

Text Recognition - * (For Accepted windows & Extended Support)


Additional information:


Objects Class Name :

For same object, We are getting UIA object (UIAObject) & MSAA objects too.

When we are using Highlight options, it is not highlighting correctly

The picture showed in object browser is not clear

We are using Descriptive Programming.


Please let me know if any more information is required.


Thanks in Advance.



Please suggest an Object browser settings for Winform  + Windows Combination.


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Vallalarasu Pandiyan
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The components which changes may be obfuscated third-party controls. In this case the only thing you can do is using "blind" methods (e.g. copy/paste by pressing key combination).

If they are not third-party and are being developed in your company, you had better ask developers of these components why it happens.

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  We had a successful execution for two times. but now some object mapping (Current project properties & Default Project properties & Object Mapping) is changed or system based changes has happen. So we need to identify the changes or the fix for same.


Which of the openapplication method we should use for Winform +Windows Combination ?


Thanks in advance.




With Regards
Vallalarasu Pandiyan

Have you checked whether the components are third-party and obfuscated? If they are, it doesn't matter, how many successful run you had had, your tests will never be stable.


Have you checked with developers what components are they using?


Without having these questions answered first nobody will be able to help you.

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