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If object equals visible then.. else.. is not working


If object equals visible then.. else.. is not working



I am trying to add an if else statement to check if an object is visible or not. When the object is visible everything works fine but when the object isn't visible, TestComplete keeps searching for this object and gives an error that the object is not found... Well this is the purpose.


Below you find the steps I added. To elaborate, I want to sort a list descending, but it could be possible that this option is already been done and if that's the case I don't want TestComplete to stop the test.








First I selected an onscreen object to equal the object property .visible.



Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


Kind regards,


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You'll want to check for the object to exist first, before you look for Visible.  Use the Checking Whether an Object Exists from Scripts section in here


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it also looks like the else statement is nested inside your if statement. you should highlight the else statement (and the following logic) and press left arrow to carry it out of the previous IF statements scope

Justin Kim
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