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I updated my testcomplete from version 12 to 14 now it does not recognize the mapping of my screen

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I updated my testcomplete from version 12 to 14 now it does not recognize the mapping of my screen

My procedure In TC 14:


procedure abriRotina(rotina:string);
Sys.Process('PCINF000').Window('TfrmPrincipal').Window('TEdit', '', 3).Keys(rotina+'[Enter]');

My Procedure in TC 12 

procedure abriRotina(rotina:string);

This code are in Flat mode.

I need too remap all my  tests???? How to replace the Window to VLOBject?

How can i get the same map object of testcomplete 12 in 14???

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What language is your application undertest written in?  Delphi?  C++?  You may need to make some adjustments to recognize the application as open.  Also, go to File | Install Extensions and make sure that the Desktop option has all sub options checked.

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I have seen this for years since version 9. If you search on these forums you will find simular observations going back years.

I consider it a bug in TestComplete and have code to handle it. We don't use name mapping because of this.

Here is what I have found that will minimize it.

Make sure that you set the file compatibility property to 'Run this program as an administrator' for all users for both TestComplete.exe and TestExecute.exe

In your Project\Properties\Open Applications\General  move the NativeDelphiObject to the top of the list.

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