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How to reinstall test complete on your machine once uninstalled


How to reinstall test complete on your machine once uninstalled

Hi community


I have been having numerous issues with test completes latest version and i was advised to uninstall if the issues persists.

I have uninstalled test complete but now i have lost my way. How can I reinstall test complete on my machine?



Kind Regards,


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Thank you very much for your assistance.Much appreciated @rraghvani 

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Just remember not to uninstall your license, if key based!



i seem to be experiencing an issue were I am not able to playback web tests since the last version update. Anyone else having this issue.?

I have tried to replicate it on chrome and edge and still no luck. I have logged calls with support but still waiting to hear from them.


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A few people seem to be having similar issues. Ensure you have the latest version of TestComplete, Chrome, Edge and Test Extension installed.

Hi  @rraghvani 


Seems that i am still have an issue.

Chrome version is Version 113.0.5672.127 (Official Build) (64-bit)

Test Complete version is Version: x64 and extension is enabled.


What else could be the problem/I am waiting on support for a response


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I am also facing the issue still. I'm using the latest TC release and my chrome version is 113.0.5672.64.

Edge is mostly working for me (Version 112.0.1722.84) although there is still an ongoing issue with browser popup identification in Edge. 

Thanks for confirming.Do we have to ait for a fix in the new version of test complete then?

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I'm using the same versions as you are, and I haven't come across any issues. Can you confirm that you have SmartBear Test Execution installed on your browser? If you use the Object Spy tool, does it highlight each of the UI objects?

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