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7 years ago

how to complete uninstall readyapi



I've been trying to completely uninstall ReadyAPI 2.2 from my mac laptop.  There is a setting cached somewhere that is preventing my previous installation, which was a standalone license, from connecting to a license server. 


I have validated that my license server is functional, up, running, accessible, and DOES issue licenses. I have validated groups and user permissions on the server and the license configuration. All is good there. 


I have a wireshark capture that shows the loopback connection hits my local machine and provides an error message: "Failed to install SoapUI license: Failed to connect to the license server. Check the specified IP address, port number and firewall settings."  

This is a local system message, NOT a message from the license server. 


SO, questions would be:

1. Where is the license information cached on the hard drive?  specifically what folder location on a Mac OSX?

2. How do I completely uninstall ALL the settings and files installed on a mac  in order to have a clean, fresh install of ReadyAPI ?


Thanks for the suggestions.


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    I have tried deleting .soapui.dat file and .soapui.key files on my laptop, in my user profile directory, AND I have deleted / uninstalled the ReadyAPI 2.2 software. This has not resolved the issue.


    A Fresh / new install of the software shows the same issue AND the previous license server information is auto-populated when I pull the dropdown.


    Still looking for suggestions.