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How to launch testcomplete with different user other than admin user

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How to launch testcomplete with different user other than admin user

I have desktop application which is launched by other user and want to launch the testcomplete with that same user. Is it possible to launch testcomplete with another user other than admin user?

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Select desired application in the TestedApps list, then select Run Mode=RunAs (see attachment).


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Gennadiy is correct. Though keep two points in your mind:

1) TestComplete started on behalf or some regular user may not be allowed to access some properties of the tested application started using administrative account;

2) There may be performance penalties if TestComplete and tested application are running under different users. I would suggest to consider tests execution on behalf of required users but not using the Run As functionality. (Note: it is not required to run TestComplete using administrative permissions. It functions perfectly fine if started using non-elevated permissions.)

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