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How to identify single object with different names


How to identify single object with different names

Hi, i have two questions.

1) I am testing a browser based application, objects are stored into Tables>Cell>Tables>Cells, how can i simply check if the object is available on a specified page, i want to search them in whole page not into a specific area.

2) Checkbox is an object, lets say i have created 10 records, this check box will be repeated 10 times, if i use object spy it shows me 10 different names for each checkbox .Now i want to select a specific row and want to check/uncheck its checkbox, how can i do it?

For reference i am attaching an image, in this image Objects are same but repeated into two different row's, i just want to check all checkboxes, change a value for a textbox or a dropdown list.
Muhammad Mazhar Mahmood
Certified Software Tester (CSTE)


1. You can use the Find method (see the "Find Method" help topic).

2. Once you find the needed table row, iterate through its cells and find the one which contains a check box (see the "Parsing HTML Tables" help topic).
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