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How to document Keyword tests and TestComplete project suites

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How to document Keyword tests and TestComplete project suites


Is there any functionality in TestComplete, or are there any tools / plugins, that will allow me to output the keyword tests / steps / project suite details to a PDF file or some other document format, for the sake of documenting the work done within the TestComplete UI? 

I specifically do not mean the output logs from executing the tests, but the test details themselves.




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No, nothing like this does exist.

But it might help with ideas/possible suggestions if you provide an example (screenshot, document, etc.) of what you'd like to get.


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mock output.png

Italics = user define, bold = system (mostly)


I'm not certain of the validity of having all aspects of the TestComplete projects being exported, i.e. Name Mapping. But at least to have something to present to team leaders, management, etc, to show how the QA test development is going or to be able to discuss QA test development with other QA technicians, or simply to document any process, without having to use a floating license unnecessarily. I've only been using this product for about 5 days, but it seems this would be nice to have. Probably script units as well, but I can't say for certain as I've not used that functionality as yet, and I would guess the scripts would have beed developed in a separate IDE.


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Thank you Alex!


Hi @simon_cnhi, we do have a feature request forum in the community that the product team is reviewing. Please feel free to add your product functionality idea there. 

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Thanks Sonya, I have created such a post in this forum now.




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