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How to SaveAs a word doc which is already open

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How to SaveAs a word doc which is already open

My application opens up a word document in preview mode. I'm trying to close the preview mode, then it opens the file in a compatibility mode. I need to save as the file in a folder.

I've tried like this:


 Sys.Process("WINWORD", 2).Close      - This closes the preview mode

If (Sys.Process("WINWORD").Exists) Then
Set WordObject =Sys.OleObject("Word.Application")

End If


I get an error in the 'WordObject.ActiveDocument.SaveAs("C:\work.doc")' statement 'This command is not available because no document is open'


How can I handle this? Any help would appreciate.



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Sys.OleObject doesn't use an exsisting process of Word but actually creates a new instance.  So, your WordObject is a different instance than the running Word instance hence why it doesn't think there is doc open.


Suggested change... no guarentees, just a suggestion.


 Sys.Process("WINWORD", 2).Close      - This closes the preview mode
Set WordObject = Sys.WaitProcess('WINWORD")
If (WordObject.Exists) Then

End If

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Thank you for help tristaanogre! 

Hi @sim2020 , did you solve the issue?   

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Thanks, @tristaanogre for the reply. That didn't work, unfortunately. I have managed to find the temp file in a folder and take a copy of that as a solution to my issue.

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Great to hear you’ve found a workaround!

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