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How can testComplete recognize inner objects?

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How can testComplete recognize inner objects?


How can I make tests for properties of inner objects that influence the GUI. For example – in the GUI I have a table. Each row in the table represents an object. Clicking the row displays other window (a form with controls, to change the properties of the object). How can I check what is the type of the object? And the opposite – changes in the controls change the type of the row. For testComplete all the rows belong to the table and it doesn't know that they are different.

How can I test it?



Hi Toni,

It seems that you need to implement some advanced logic to handle this situation which is specific to your application. After a row is clicked, execute a method that should analyze controls located on the new window. If the row object provides this information via its native properties, you can use these properties as well.

Unfortunately, I cannot give you more detailed advice without seeing your application. If you can send it to us, please contact us directly via the Contact Support form.
Dmitry Nikolaev

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