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HP ALM to testComplete


HP ALM to testComplete

Hi Support,

  The organisation we cater to has HP ALM Software Version: 12.20 along with jenkins and TestComplete 11.31.240

Our current plan is to have the Requirements on ALM, these Tests would be run through Jenkins, 


We have implemented Jenkins to run the BDD/.feature scenarios on TestExecute. Jenkins lists the results through the Plugin.

However the Testexecute/TestComplete evaluation version does not list the "TestComplete Connector for HP Quality Center".


I am referring to this document from HPTestExecute results on ALM which supports only Junit/Xunit/TestNG.


Could you please guide us to upload the testresults in .MHT format to ALM?.



Vikram U


Community Hero

Suspect you want to be asking HP this, not SmartBear?


SmartBear provide a solution into ALM. Which is a separate plugin. With separate license. You already said you're not using this. This would appear to be the optimal solution.


But you aren't using that. In which case, the question is surely more for HP support?


The ALM support page itself says "ALM supports the following XML formats: JUnit/XUnit, Nunit, and TestNG". So TC's MHT file is obviously not something they support natively.


So you have 2 choices:


1. Use the plugin SmartBear provide.

2. Find out what the XML formatting they do support looks like and then parse the MHT file into that format yourself. If that's possible. I have no idea what the XML output from any of these look like or how well an MHT file would translate into such output.


Not sure what other answer you were expecting to hear?


(I see HP provide an API in ALM. In that case, you have a third choice. Write something which uses the ALM REST API to update your results as they happen during a run. Which is exactly what I've done for TFS using script extensions. There is a link to a KB article near the bottom this page: - which explains how to update directly from Jenkins. But I don't have an HP login so I can't access it.)

Hi Support,

   Thanks for answering this grey area..


I did contact HP Support and got this detail:

Updated : 2016-Mar-14
Summary :This article provides the configuration and installation steps for working with Jenkins

This document describes how to install and configure the HP-Application-Automation-Tools Jenkins plugin to enable you to integrate test results from Jenkins to ALM. This feature is available starting from ALM 12.21. For more details on this feature, see the HP Application Lifecycle Management User Guide.


Please refer to the attached pdf document: KM01698877 ALM Jenkins plugin.pdf

Valid files are in NUnit/TestNG formats.


My Understanding is that the output needs to be in a PDF format -supported by TestComplete's exporttopdf function.


The Question is of 2 parts 

 -> Ability to Run Tests from ALM through Jenkins to TestComplete - unanswered

 -> Ability to export Testresults to ALM from Jenkins for executed TestComplete Runs - answered( both by HP and Smartbear).



Vikram U

They've given you the API spec.


So use that to build your own solution? (or pay for the one SmartBear provide)


That's what I did with TFS.


The part about direct export from Jenkins refers to JUnit/XUnit, Nunit, and TestNG again. So unless you can somehow force the TestComplete MHT file to be parsed into the same format as them (I have no idea where you are getting the idea it needs to be a PDF? A PDF file makes zero sense for this sort of work and the HP site states XML - as I mentioned above) and then hope you force it to treat it as if it was a JUnit/XUnit, Nunit, and TestNG test.


But this all very "square peg in a round hole".


You have an API you can use. HP have given you the spec for it. TestComplete can make the HTTP calls to it. You have everything you need to build your own solution so it works how YOU want it.


Yes, it takes a little more work, but good solutions to complex problems are seldom handed to you on a plate. For free.


SmartBear do offer a solution. But you seem to not want to use it for some reason? (Cost? I have no idea how much the license for the plugin is ...)

Hi CM,

  Thank you for responding.. i did find some resources based on your suggestions.


The HP ALM 12.2 i have supports REST. 

ALM API references
Import External test Results in ALM
ALM API reference


Based on them i am able to access ALM using REST and upload test results. Part of the requirement is that the results be in PDF and not in the MHT format.


Hi Support,

  Kindly let me know any resources for parsing(client side code) the .MHT/.htmlx to XML so that i could update the results to ALM using REST. HP ALM REST KB

Take a look at the article "Integrating TestComplete and HP Quality Center". Is that what you initially needed?

Hi CM,

  A readup on LeanFT would be interesting..

Can't say I know anything about LeanFT. Not a product I've ever used.


Same with ALM. No idea how it allows you to upload results. PDF seems little long winded? Would it not be possible to write out a PDF with results somewhere and then just put a link to it in some sort of comment on ALM? Would probably be a lot simpler than trying to upload PDF's to it.

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