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False positives with the disable function


False positives with the disable function

TestComplete for an Android application.  I've been playing around with both the enable and disable functions on buttons.  These are accessed from the Name Mapping objects.  I right click and select Highlight to ensure that the right button/object is being highlighted.  I've noticed that the disable function seems to return True no matter what.


Just to be sure, if an Android button is enabled, that means the user can click/tap on it right?  As your finger is on the button, it'll highlight to show it's been tapped on (whether or not the button does anything meaningful beyond that is another thing entirely).


Likewise, if an Android button is disabled, that means it's "grayed out".  Meaning it will NOT accept any touch inputs?


I found the SmartBear page here, but would like to know if there are more details elsewhere...


Hi @ackmondual,


Enabled in this context should refer to asserting whether the object has an "enabled" attribute present (or, not present as the case may be).


These attributes are not always implemented by standard. This object could be "disabled" by styling but actually enabled by object attribute. Could you check (or check with your dev team) for the underlying code attributes to see what is there?


I'll refer to another similar thread here :


I'm told that Android doesn't have a disable function (so it sounds like it's a TestComplete thing?), so not being officially there that may be causing such discrepancy

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