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ClickTab with Icons

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ClickTab with Icons

Our JavaFX application uses tabs with icons in the tab title. Looking at Object browser, the tabs have two labels, the first label is "" and the sub label has the tab text. So, when we try to use ClickTab, with the text, ClickTab fails. Using an index is not an option because there is no guarantee of what of the tab order is at any given time. I have not figured out a way to find the tab index correctly using the tab title. 


Therefore, what is the best way to select tabs when tabs use icons and text in the tab title? Attached is a screenshot of object viewer. 

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You can access tab with browser model by page title perhaps (works only if page title change with tab)  ?


// Iexplorer/old Edge
let tabBand = browser.BrowserWindow(0).CommandBar.TabBand;
// Chrome/Firefox
let tabBand = browser.UIPage("chrome://browser/content/browser.xul").TabBand;


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Try using Find or FindChild to find the right tab and then get the index you need to do other things

I agree with FindChild and have used id usefully to get the sub label of the label. However, I have not been able to determine the index number of the tab that it is associated with it. Is there is a function of way to determine the index number of tab that contains the object returned by FindChild. 

When spying look at the tab Method/functions instead of Properties tab, perhaps you can find an useful method

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Thanks everyone!


@TimCalderwood were you able to find what you are looking for? Please share your progress with us!

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I have been study that and several other part of the tools. I am still unable to determine the tab index of a tab.  

A last solution would be to use image search of icons for tabs (assuming each tab has its own icon).

So add in image store your icons and search them in the parent object picture. After that you'll have coordinates where to click.


That is not perfect but it could work.

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Great idea, Benoit!


@TimCalderwood Did you give it a try? You should be able to get the coordinates.

Sonya Mihaljova
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