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Chrome Browser tests - Smartbear Test Extension is not Installed or is Diabled

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Chrome Browser tests - Smartbear Test Extension is not Installed or is Diabled

We are running our chrome browser tests every 30 minutes of the Day. We are using testExecute . But some test fail at some random time. Look at the MHT report Showing - SmartBear Test Extension is not Installed or is Disabled.

We already SmartBear test Extension installed/enabled in Chrome browser .

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Attache the report.


It means that it was either not installed, or it was removed from the browser. Install the extension manually: Launch the browser (Chrome or Chromium-based Edge). If you use Edge, click Settings > Extensions and select the Allow extensions from other stores check box.

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Thank you for the updates.

We are runing tests every 30 minutes of the day. some of the tests fail at particaular times .


for e.g. there are 4 tests running every 30 minutes of the day


Test 1, Test 2, Test 3, Test 4


So Test 1  test 2 failed on Jan 20 at 7:25 PM and 7:27 PM respectively and display the message SmartBear Test Extension is not installed or is Disabled.


If Extension is not installed then Tests must be failing every 30 minutes .






You have to install the Testcomplete extension in chrome, click "settings > extensions > "search for extension" > install" and now run your tests



Smartbear Test Extension is already installed . I have attached the screenshot .

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According to your description, still cannot locate the problem.

When the problem happened, whether it can be restored?


If it can be restored, I suggest you to add some codes to control that exception.

You're able to use Event function to do it.

When the warning message contains 'Test Extension is not Installed ' in log, restart browser and test it again.

Please check the link Handling-Events  in detail.


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I did not understand what does restore means ?




Can you try reinstalling the Test complete extension in chrome

@nisgupta  I mean


After the error message 'Test Extension is not Installed..' displayed.

If you run the failed test case again, will be executed successfully?

[If test case can be executed successfully, it is called 'be able to restore'.]


Or the same error message will still be displayed until you restart TC or PC.

[cannot be restore]

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