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Check if buttom hides a TcxTreeList column

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Check if buttom hides a TcxTreeList column



I am trying to check wether a specific button successfully hides a specific column "MyColumn" in a grid. I am performing a keyword test and I do not want to make it screenshot based.


I have a path, lets say Aliases.MyProcess.catalogue 


This has several properties, for example:


ClassName = TcxTreeList

ObjectType = VCLObject

wColumn, with wColumn(0) = "MyColumn" and wColumn(1) = "DontCareAbout" and "wColumn(2) = "DontCareAbout2" ..

wRowCount = 3




Now I want to check wether a button hides "MyColumn".


First I assumed that I could access that specific column and check its .visible property using a Property Checkpoint, but either this is not an option here or I am using it wrong. I cannot access the that column specificly.



The desired architecture of my test looks as follows:


Set button to checked state

Property Checkpoint: get MyColumn.visible, expecting it to be True

set button to unchecked state

Property Checkpoint: get MyColumn.visible, expecting it to be False



Can someone help?











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Seeing "VLCObject " I assume that you are testing a Dev Express grid...


In Dev Express grid, there is a property something like  Aliases......TcxGridSite.GridView.VisibleColumnCount

you can use that in your test


you can get column name using     Aliases......TcxGridSite.GridView.VisibleColumns(i).VisibleCaption

where i is column number


so get number of visible column to a variable x

loop through 0 to x comparing visible caption to your caption  "DontCareAbout"

if found, column is visible else not visible

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If there would be a property like this, I would have used it.


There is AbsoluteCount, AbsoluteItems, AbsoluteVisibleCount and AbsoluteVisibleItems - but they all refer to items in the grid.


There is indeed wColumn (with wColumn(0) as the one I care about) and wColumnCount = 25, but they do not change no matter if I hide this or more columns.

I don't have any examples of this particular control I can look at. but looking at the Dev Express docs (those I can find anyway - they don't make them easy to find!) it looks like these List controls (this is a List, not a Grid) should have a "Styles" property? Not sure if that applies to the whole list, or is on a column by column basis.


Sounds to me like the kind of property that may contain visibility info?


Is anything like that present on your control? 

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Hi strp,


Try something like


Helen Kosova
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