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Check For Updates

Check For Updates features check for the new version of TestComplete. 

As of now I have TestComplete 12.4 64 bit is installed on the machine. I am checking the website of Smartbear TestComplete 

According to this website we do have TestComplete 12.41 

I am surprised why Check for Updates do not display the message about the new version . 

I think by default when we launch the TestComplete , it should display the message for the latest version automatically. Here even after checking manually - going to the option - Check for Updates - It display the message - There are no new version available. 

Please update 


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The reason being, as per an e-mail I received the other day from SmartBear, there are only certain users who need 12.41.  It's available for anyone to download and install if they want it, but they are not automatically pushing it out to all users.  This is why "Check for updates" is not finding it.


Can you confirm SmartBear folks like @HKosova and @TanyaYatskovska?

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Hi All,


Robert is absolutely right. TestComplete 12.41 is not available via auto-update since it contains only bug fixes. 

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Thank you for the updates/

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