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11 years ago

Surpressing "Check for update"?

Hi all,

We are trying to automate the installation and execution of TestExecute.  I have the silent installation of TestExecute, and now it also launches test scripts correctly.

The problem is that TestExecute automatically checks for update, and since we have a slightly older version, it pops up the dialog to say that there is a newer version available.  This prevents TestExecute to close properly even when I use /exit commandline option.

Is there any way to prevent this dialog from popping up without getting the newer version?  I am aware that I could check "never check again" box or change the option afterward, but that's not going to work in our case because we want everything to be automated without human intervention.  Where is this information stored?  In registry?



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  • I kind of feel silly.  I was trying to use /SilentMode which wasn't working, but when I looked carefully, I had it misspelled...  I fixed that, and it's working.

    Thanks for help.