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Changing Server Login info

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Changing Server Login info

I am currently trying to change the login info for my db checkpoints for a project.  All of my test data is on sql2008R2.  It is now time to switch my data over to SQL2012.  I probably will only be doing this every four years or so.  The code below seems to work with the following exception.  Every time my script finishes running my string returns to its original state.  Any help would be appreciated.


The code came from the following link:


Here is my script.


function UpdateConnectionString()

//Obtain a collection of the DBTable elements using the aqObject.GetProperties method.


  var props = aqObject.GetProperties(DBTables);

    var prop;

    var tableName;

    var newConnectionString = "Provider=SQLNCLI.1;Password=csl123;Persist Security Info=True;User ID=cslinh;Initial     Catalog=UM0_DemoTestComplete;Data Source=JKM\\SQL2012";

  //If you use a project variable to keep the new connection string (for example, called   myConnectionString), use the following line instead:.

  //var newConnectionString = Project.Variables.myConnectionString;


    while (props.HasNext())


    //Move to the next property

        prop = props.Next();

    //Obtain the table name

        tableName = prop.Name;

    //Use the eval function to assign a new value to the table's ConnectionString property

        eval("DBTables." + tableName + ".ConnectionString = newConnectionString");




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Does your variable have a default value entered?  Try taking that out.

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There's no need for eval:

DBTables[tableName].ConnectionString = newConnectionString;


But if you want to use eval, make sure to concatenate the variables and strings correctly and add inner quotes around the new connection string:

eval("DBTables." + tableName + ".ConnectionString = \"" + newConnectionString" + "\"");

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