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Changing Keys to SetText in Keyword test


Changing Keys to SetText in Keyword test

Hi there,


Is it possible to change Operation = Keys to SetText in a Keyword test? Also, what is the easiest way to keep up with lable changes in a website so that your scripts can stay up to date?





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You should be able to switch Keys to SetText.  You may find that one works better than the other on a given page.  As far as tracking table changes (or any other changes) in a website, the best way to keep track is to have frequent communication with the developers on your team.  You should be discussing upcoming changes with them.




In some instances Set Text is not available to select, I assume it could be because the field is not seen as a text box.

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That's correct.  Is Keys not working for you?

I do use both in some cases, the problem I run into is that depending which one I use it might populate the field all at once or type one letter at a time.

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Well, yes. SetText will do it all at once, "setting" the value.  Keys emulates someone actually typing the value in, thus the one character at a time.  


I've had it happen before with SetText that the text is visible in the field but it wasn't being saved, so I would switch to Keys.

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