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Cannot recognize objects inside CEF window

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Cannot recognize objects inside CEF window

I am facing the following issue:
I have a desktop app that got integration with a new Chromium Web Browser.
This browser is started from a desktop app and is integrated with it.
Based on your documentation I have to add this app inside the Tested App section in order recognize objects inside the Chromium.
I followed all the steps and still cannot access internal objects from Chromium Web Browser.

I have raised this ticket to support but they are very slow in providing feedback and even tough I have tried everything they suggested I cannot identify the objects.

Did anyone else have a similar issue? 


I followed all the instructions from this document:
I even upgraded TC to TC 15, Web Module is enabled, tested app added according to the recommendations from the document, simplre mode with the injectCefHook paremeter you sent but the objects still cannot be recognized.
Am I doing something wrong? Keep in mind that the tested app is a desktop app from here I launch Activity Monitoring (a CEF Window) as you can see in the print screen attached. I only see the objects at first level and I do not see the Web Objects inside the CEF window.

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We figured out that the CefHook applied to the launcher process doesn't apply to the main application process once it's started from the launcher. To work around this, we added the main application process to the TestedApps collection and specified there all the needed parameters along with the -injectCefHook parameter, to start this process separately. After that, the CEF part of the application was correctly recognized by TestComplete, and the Object Spy tool was able to catch individual Cef elements.




To run the Tested Application from the script, just use the TestedApps.AppName.Run() command (

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