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Can you search for an item within name mapping?


Can you search for an item within name mapping?

I'm reviewing this article and I don't see the question answered there.



I am having problem with a from/to date input fields and would like to use alias on my from/to fields. I figured out with help from Colin M how to assign an alias value. I tested this out in a tiny project and it worked fine.



Now I am back in the very large project where the contents of Name Mapping is huge. I am trying to find string 'textboxN03ggseqn' in order to modify it to alias 'From_Date' but I can't find it. 


How can I do a search in Name Mapping for 'textboxN03ggseqn'?



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The ctrl-H Search works in NameMapping just like everywhere else.  Just be sure you've clicked on the top of the section somewhere so the search focus is in the right place.

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